An Experimental Investigation on the Effect and Performance of Ethanol Diesel Blends


  • V. Bharathkumar M.Tech. Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, GMRIT, Rajam, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • S.Venkatesh Assistatnt Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, AITAM, Tekkali, Andhra Pradesh, India



blends, diesel engine, ethanol, emissions


This experimental study's current goal is to investigate the use of various ethanol and diesel blends in order to analyze their performance parameters and emission characteristics on a high speed, single-cylinder, four-stroke Kirloskar AV1 Diesel engine while comparing them to neat diesel under a range of loads and at a constant speed of 1500 rpm. Three distinct blends—E10 (ethanol 10%, diesel 90%), E20 (ethanol 20%, diesel 80%), and E30 (ethanol 30%, diesel 70%)—were used in the experiment, along with an additive called n-butanol to avoid phase separation with the diesel. For all test samples, the performance parameters, including specific fuel consumption (SFC), brake thermal efficiency (BTE), and emission characteristics, including CO, HC, CO2, and NOX, were identified and compared to diesel. According to this study, while using mixes of ethanol instead of diesel at specific loads, efficiency was somewhat boosted and exhaust emissions were decreased. According to the experiment's findings, diesel and ethanol mixes are adequate and acceptable alternative fuels for diesel engines without requiring any adjustments.


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V. Bharathkumar, & S.Venkatesh. (2023). An Experimental Investigation on the Effect and Performance of Ethanol Diesel Blends. Applied Science and Engineering Journal for Advanced Research, 2(5), 43–49.