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This work follows the software engineering approach into implementing the radar software system. Waterfall software development life cycle model if adopted for the Target Generator radar system implementation. The radar system can measure any type of radar target parameters supplied by a Radar Controller and can also transmit any radar signals generated by the Radar Target Generator. This work is essential for radar-related software development, testing, production, and maintenance. If radar targets are to be tested using real flights, though it would produce accurate performance testing results, it would consume increased amounts of time and would be prohibitively costly and complex. Additionally, there is no guaranteed method of flying multiple flights with the same velocity, acceleration, direction, azimuth (angle), altitude, etc. The slight change in every flight affects the accuracy of the final testing results. Hence, virtual radar targets are generated in real time via a virtual flight-testing environment to allow radar systems to be tested with flexible parameters’ settings and high accuracy results. To accomplish this, aircraft dynamics, aircraft’s Radar Cross Section (RCS), and other environmental effects are adjusted and customized in the virtual radar system testing environment. Then, the system will be ready to simulate as many flights as needed. This proposed software proved to be a faster and a more cost-effective solution. It is also programmable in any object-oriented programming language. In addition, due to the high modularity programming approach followed, this implementation is highly scalable and upgradable to any advanced deployment environment, such as governmental platforms.</p> Ftoon Kedwan Copyright (c) 2024 Ftoon Kedwan Thu, 21 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Review Paper on Agile Project Management and Automation System in Software Development <p>The Agile Software Development Manifesto prioritizes people and relationships over procedures and equipment. However, managers can more effectively track the development of software projects by using software tools. An analysis of agile project management tools is presented in this report. This study on automation in agile projects could be beneficial to project managers. In the modern IT world, efficient software project management is typically the most crucial component in the success of numerous businesses, as well as their managers and engineers. Software managers oversee, direct, and oversee numerous projects at once. Agile project management insights are offered by the study. In order to comprehend the supported features that could affect their choice, the goal is to investigate and identify the top Agile project management solutions utilized by software project management teams and their managers. This paper examines a case study of a software project that automated software agile projects through the use of several software agile project management technologies. Automation of project planning, scheduling, and estimating can not only improve project success rates but also save project costs, completion times, and resource requirements. Agile project automation improves the likelihood that a project will be completed on time. Ultimately, the sum of these factors raises the software project success rate.</p> Bindhu M., Dr. Sachin V. T. Copyright (c) 2024 Bindhu M., Dr. Sachin V. T. Sat, 23 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Present State and Future Challenges of Android Based Voice Controlled Power Devices <p>Automation of a modern person's surroundings enables him to work more comfortably and efficiently. Routine chores performed by an individual can now be automated, which is a major advancement. Nowadays, the majority of individuals spend their entire day glued to their smartphones and other smart gadgets. Therefore, by personifying the usage of the cell phone, several everyday domestic duties can be completed with the assistance of his friend. According to a market analysis of smart phones, new customers are choosing Android-powered devices. In layman's words, it has become a second name for a mobile phone. Voice Controlled Home Appliances (VCHA) automates an 8-bit Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller that regulates a variety of home appliances, including lights, fans, lamps, and many more, by means of an on/off relay. The device is designed for mobile phones running the Android operating system. This essay outlines an automated technique of home device control that could reduce the workload associated with utilizing the conventional switch method. In order to automate the system, Bluetooth—the most well-known and effective technology for short-range wireless communication—is used. With the ability to control up to 24 different appliances in any household setting, the VCHA system for Android users is a step in the right direction towards making duties easier</p> Dr. Shubham Namdesjwar Copyright (c) 2024 Dr. Shubham Namdesjwar Sat, 23 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Study of Physical, Durable and Microstructural Behaviour of Laterite Soil Based Geopolymer Bricks <p>Bricks are the major building materials used in the field of construction. The most commonly used bricks are clay bricks and concrete blocks. The discharge of carbon di oxide into the atmosphere has been increasing day by day. For the production of burnt bricks, usually 22 tons of coal were burnt which produces nearly equal amount of carbon di oxide. The most vital role in terms of construction material is usually associated with Portland cement. Since the manufacture of cement leads to the liberation of CO2 in large quantity. So, an alternate is required to replace cement in the place as binding agent. Therefore, the alternative to these is the Geopolymer bricks. Geopolymers have great mechanical properties, and has the synthetic temperature of 25<sup>0</sup>C to 80<sup>0</sup>C. In this study, Laterite soil is used to prepare the bricks by using Geopolymer as a binding material by varying NaOH to Na2SiO3 ratio in Geopolymer precursor. Strength, durable and microstructural behavior of the brick is studied.</p> Shivaraju G D, Dr. Asha K Copyright (c) 2024 Shivaraju G D, Dr. Asha K Sat, 30 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Study on Effect of Curing for Red Soil Based Geopolymer Bricks <p>The main problem facing the world today is pollution. In the construction industry, especially during the production of Portland cement, pollutants are emitted which lead to environmental pollution. in the present study, to make the geopolymer bricks, the ordinary Portland cement is fully replaced with fly ash and the fine aggregate is replaced with stone dust and alkaline liquids are used for the binding of materials. In this study an attempt is made to identify the optimum methodology of curing, by curing the red soil based geopolymer bricks with various curing temperature from 600c to 1200c with a variation of 100c for 24 hours in oven. From the optimum elevated temperature obtained, specimens are cured for 24 hours,48 hours and 72 hours in oven and also comparative study is carried out between elevation curing and ambient curing. The specimens are tested for physical and durable aspects.</p> Shivaraju G D, Dr. Asha K Copyright (c) 2024 Shivaraju G D, Dr. Asha K Sat, 30 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Evolution of Health Insurance in India Over a Decapod <p>Health insurance has seen a rapid growth in the Indian market over the last decade. The number of health insurance companies operating in India has increased from around 20 in 2014 to over 50 in 2023. Covid-19 pandemic has led to the integration of telemedicine into health insurance policies. Digitalization has played a major role in the evolution of the industry. On the one hand, it led to an increase in demand for health insurance products and higher premiums. On the other hand, it also led to an increase in claims and a greater emphasis on preventive care and mental health coverage. Profitability of the industry increased during the pandemic, as the higher premiums outweighed the increased claims. In addition, the pandemic led to several positive changes in the industry, such as an increased focus on telemedicine and preventive care. As healthcare and insurance industries further intertwine with technological advancements, the future holds the promise of even greater accessibility, customization, and affordability in health insurance coverage, ensuring that more Indians can access quality healthcare when they need it most.</p> Praveen Balraj, jeena jiji, Dr. Shaeril Michael Almeida Copyright (c) 2024 Praveen Balraj, jeena jiji, Dr. Shaeril Michael Almeida Sat, 30 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000