Cloud Computing Scheduling Algorithms and Resource Sharing


  • Dr. Mayuri Desai Assistant Professor, Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity University Noida Campus, India



scheduling, cloud computing, sharing, resources


A flexible, affordable, and trustworthy platform for delivering IT services to customers or businesses online is cloud computing. It is a collection of applications, infrastructure, distributed services, and information. It is described as a collection of services that offer internet-based infrastructure resources and data storage on a third server. In comparison to other infrastructure, it offers its users scalability, dependability, high performance, and an affordable option. However, because crucial services are frequently contracted out to a third party, it is more difficult to ensure data security and privacy, support data and service availability, and mitigate risk associated with cloud computing. With relation to cloud-connected automobiles, we examine here vulnerabilities, related dangers, and potential solutions for assessing algorithms.


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