Image Compression Using Wavelets and Vector Quantization Techniques


  • Varsha Purohit A. Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Banasthali University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India



image compression, lossless, lossy, huffman coding, fractal coding


Digital image processing refers to the handling of an image by means of a processor. The various elements of a digital image processing system include image acquisition, image storage, image processing and display. Digital image compression has been focus of a huge amount of research in recent years. A survey and study of various image compression used in various image processing application has been presented. Image compression plays a vital role in Image processing, it is also very important for efficient transmission and storage of images. When calculate the number of bits per image resulting from typical sampling rates and quantization methods with image compression is needed. Therefore, development of an efficient technique for image compression has become a challenging one. On the basis of analyzing the various image compression technique, this paper presents a survey of existing researcher has various kinds of existing method of Image compression.


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