Smart D.O.L Starter


  • Rachhpal Singh Student (200290900084), CDL Govt. Polytechnic, Nathusari Chopta, India
  • Krishan Kumar Lecturer, CDL Govt. Polytechnic, Nathusari Chopta, India



starter, motor, node mcu, voltage


The objective of the project is to control the starter from the application and to provide a start motor The starter is turned on/off from the application itself through a Wi-Fi module The webpage is created through which the starter on/off status can be identified and the motor can be turned on/off. Arduino software is used which receives the Wi-Fi module signal from the webpage. The signal from the Arduino in turn controls the starter action through the relay driver circuit. Additionally, the voltage sensor are given as feedback to the Node MCU to protect the motor from overvoltage and overcurrent. Thus the starter can be controlled from the application through the internet.


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Rachhpal Singh, & Krishan Kumar. (2023). Smart D.O.L Starter. Applied Science and Engineering Journal for Advanced Research, 2(1), 4–7.

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